Chronicles of Orion's Arm

Five Strangers And A Barrister
Here's Your (Sur)Prise!

Five individuals gather at a lawyer’s office on D’Pres spaceport to receive an inheritance from a gambler they barely knew that owed each of them money. A holovid from the deceased is played, wherein they are all instructed to go to a particular address where their inheritance is kept. Upon arrival, they find a warehouse with a small starship inside. Immediately, a bounty hunter and his crew descend upon the building and attack. Given little choice, the Travellers and the barrister retreat aboard the relative safety of the starship, and they blast their way out of the warehouse and escape!

The fun doesn’t stop, because the Travellers quickly realize that they are not in control of the starship! Some program independent of the main computer is flying them out to the nearest jump point. And several fighters belonging to the repossession firm of Retention, Retrieval, and Return, Inc., plus a system defence boat from D’Pres starport are in hot pursuit.

They Travellers have just over an hour and a half before the enemy vessels get within range, but several minutes before they reach the jump point. They are still trying to wrest flight control away from the computer, while the gunners fight off the repo fighters. Just when it looks as if the little trade ship might be overcome by sheer numbers, the starship reaches the jump point and makes the jump to hyperspace!

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