Irwin Ambrose Percival Zephyr the 5th

He's dead, Jim.


Aliases ‘Ambrose Zephyr,’ ‘Percy,’ or simply ‘John Smith.’ As far as you know, just another average human.


Zephyr was one of the galaxy’s many down-on-his-luck gamblers and confidence men. He spent many years of his life chasing the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme, only to get there too late, chase unfounded rumors, get swindled by someone better at cons than he was, get distracted by a woman, or just lose his stakes gambling. As far as anyone knows, he never did make it successfully at anything.

He lost it all several times, and owed so much money, racing away from his debtors and their bounty hunters to chase another scheme. But he always promised to take care of his friends “when his ship came into port,” although everyone knew that was just an excuse to pass off payment on that night’s bar tab.

It is unknown exactly what happened to Mr. Zephyr, but after he had been missing for the requisite period of time permitted under the law on D’Pres, he has been declared deceased and his Last Bequest and Instructions have been performed.

Irwin Ambrose Percival Zephyr the 5th

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