Chronicles of Orion's Arm

Murder at the Desert Retreat, part 1
Zero in the crosshairs

333 and 334-1118
After a lengthy discussion, the Travellers decide that Zero, Brie, Captain Doom, Frank (Frances Nancy Stine), and Hiram will go to the Desert Retreat to try to figure out who shot Zero, and why, back on Last Eve 1117. Karl chooses to remain on board the All In because he doesn’t see a use for his skills at a luxury resort.

Two shuttle trips, first a shuttlecraft from the highport to the surface, and then a grav transport out to the resort, the Travellers arrive about an hour and a half later at the Desert Retreat. They are met by Carmella Ancona, a hostess the Travellers met previously when Karl, Hiram, Brie, and Captain Doom were searching for clues a few days prior. She apologized profusely to Zero for the poor hospitality he had received the last time he was at the resort, and was glad to have the opportunity to make it up to him. If he needed anything, just call on the video phone, and she would be happy to take care of it for him.

The Travellers settled in and discussed what they would do the next day, and how to get to this Pyott Jankovy fellow. He is the son of the viceroy of Lubodin state, and seems to have not been back to the resort since then. But he is the only one who knows the identity of the mystery man who was with him on Last Eve 1117, when Leftenant Kyle Crandock of the Caldos Desert Scouts was murdered.

The next day, the Travellers took Zero around to all the locations he had seen on Last Eve. They began with the private game room where the fateful game took place, with all three of the casino employees who were present that night: Carmella, Rondo, and Lyta Mundon. They waited until nightfall, and took him through the casino, retracing the route Zero took with Lt. Crandock and Irwin Ambrose Percival Zephyr the 5th. They even took him outside, and walked him across the desert toward where they deduced the starship had been parked. Still no luck breaking through the amnesia Zero suffered that night.

Two days gone, and still no luck.

The Big Game



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