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By Humaniti’s standards, An Phar resemble anthropomorphic pigs, with pointed ears higher on their heads, broad snouts, and coarse hair. While they have human-like hands with opposable thumbs, their feet remain cloven hooved. An Phar normally don’t wear shoes. Unlike pigs, they have no tail, and are not normally fat.

Their skin is dark, and their hair ranges from red to brown and black, turning silver with age. The exact appearance of ears, forehead and snout varies between individuals; even members of other races have little difficulty telling An Phar apart.

They stand about five feet tall, and generally wear clothes according to human fashion (and vice versa). The race is known for a fanatical cleanliness.

The An Phar homeworld is slightly larger and drier than Earth (1.1G, 49% surface water), with an average temperature of 70 degrees). They breathe a standard oxygen mix at 1.02 atmospheres.

An Phar are slightly less strong as humans, but more hardy; their hearing is acute, and An Phar have a strong measure of common sense. Their cleanliness leads them to mild rupophobia (fear of dirt), and they tend to be preoccupied with philosophy.

An Phar are reliable, unassuming, and likable. They do not allow themselves to be pushed around. They make excellent soldiers, but they tend to look for a non-violent solution first.

Societally, An Phar bathe three times a day – upon rising, before bed, and midday. Morning baths are personal; the midday bath is often taken with co-workers, neighbors or classmates, and the evening bath is usually reserved for family. An Phar eat twice a day; large, but informal meals that are quick but quietly, and very, very neatly.

Family is of utmost importance to An Phar. Mated relationships are formal by human standards, with little affectionate display. Children, however, are held and played with often.

The second most important part of Phar life is social status, though Phar are remarkably egalitarian. An unskilled worker is treated the same as a Cho.
Crime is extremely rare among Phar. More common is ideological dissent and even rebels. Moral conviction is an acceptable defense in Phar courts. An actual criminal may be placed in a position not unlike slavery until his debt is paid. Rare violent criminals are regrettable and mercifully executed.

An Phar enjoy music, drama, dance, and literature, though Human and Fasanni critics find most Phar taste unbearably pedestrian and dull.

An Phar possess a fascination with moral philosophy. Phar enjoy politely arguing their philosophy with any who care to listen (a favorite pastime). If they should find a tenet of their beliefs inconsistent or unacceptable, Phar are known to literally change belief systems overnight.

Religion is unknown to the Phar. Many Phar will, however, embrace the tenets of Human religions, and enjoy discussing the philosophies of the many, varied human religions.

An Phar have specific naming conventions (and it is suggested to review this with your GM).

An Phar reach majority at about age 16. They typically mate once, for life, between 20 and 40. Phar age as do Humans after age 50.

Phar typically have between two and four children. It is extremely important to have at least two children, to carry on the family names of each spouse. A widowed Phar will not remarry.

Upon majority, most Phar attend a college on the homeworld for two years of general studies, plus 1-6 years of career studies either at a Phar college or off-world.

An Phar Character Creation
All An Phar Adventurers start with the following:
• Hardiness: Health +1.
• Hearing Perception checks are made at a +1.
• They can never have more than 4 Hero Points at any one time. Additional points are automatically lost.


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