Fasanni are bipedal rodents a little smaller than humans. Their ears are long and pointed, their eyes are large, brown and bright. Their muzzles are conical and bewhiskered, like a Earthly rodent’s. They have short, hairless tails. Their legs end in clawed feet, but their hands are close to human. Their short, course fur can be any shade of red, shading through pink to white. They usually only wear clothing on their upper body. Customarily, Fasanni clothing closely matches the clothing of whatever culture the Fasanni are among or are most fond of.

The Fasanni are native to a 1.1 G world with about 1.2 times Earth’s atmosphere and an average temperature of 75 degrees. Their native star was a dim K-class sun, considerably brighter and hotter than Sol, and they prefer brighter light than is found inside most human buildings.

Fasanni are dexterous but not strong. They adapt to other cultures rapidly and possess an innate intuition. They can also fast talk individuals. They also have Bard, Savoir Faire and Writing. The race is color blind, overconfident and are pacifists (but capable of self-defense). They have the quirk of preferring to dress like whatever race they are among.

Fasanni are cultural chameleons,


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